Our Mission

Our mission is to create healthy Systems within communities so that Families can become reconnected and contributing members of society.

Restore Broken Families by creating Healthy
Family Cultures

Our Story

Centers of Refuge Services is a community outreach of Savior’s Faith Ministries International.

A tripartite approach to healing. We believe in a spirit-soul-body connection.

We provide services to all members of the community who want to live healthier lives. Remember that Mental health is Community Health.  We provide diagnostic tools, a diversity of treatment options, family reunification,  recovery programs and support groups

-- Synonyms – recovery, restoration, refuge,
reconciliation and reunification


CORS believes that families can be restored!

We commit resources, skills and talents of our organization to assist disenfranchised,
discouraged, marginalized, and distressed families and individuals heal again.

CORS believes that everyone can be restored if provided the appropriate tools and guidance for success.

We believe in psycho-education - our clients are taught and trained to live functional and productive lives.

Meet Dr. Merino


Dr. Akin Merino

Founder & CEO

  1. Dr. Merino is a Global Mental Health Advocate who clearly articulates the remarkable transformation of human experiences through the application of mental health and educational concepts. She is a solutionist who inspires people to restore fractured structures into sustainable legacies.

She presents transcendent principles that will set a compelling vision to shift stagnant or ineffective mindsets. Through conferences and workshops, she teaches people to rearrange mindsets in order to achieve more fulfilling lives and how to create portals of success in their families and communities. People must renegotiate the conversations in their heads, homes, communities and nation into powerful stories of strength and prosperity.

She serves as a Behavioral Health Commissioner in county of San Bernardino. Dr. Merino is the CEO of Akin Merino Network and Jars Group of organizations. She is a Chief Academic Officer (CAO), Business Specialist, Mental Health advocate, System Psychologist and Professor.She has authored several books. Akindotun and her husband live in California with their children.

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Referrals and Supervision

We refer all sexual intimacy issues to Sex Specialist!